I have been thinking hard this week, especially about what to do with my life. I thought back to why I started guitar in the first place, people told me flute, violin, and piano were stupid instruments, only for girls, and that I would go no where(guess they were thinking of rock bands or some stupid thing like that). I listened to them and started guitar at 10.

Now, 6 years later, and I feel like that was one of my worst decisions. I wish I could go back and choose an instrument that I want to play. I have spent so much money on an instrument I hate, I hate the sound of it, hate the feel of it in my hands, hate that I can't do anything with it because I don't like it.

So much time and money spent on it, though. I have learned nothing though. I can't read music, know nothing about theory, and will never be able to play it professionally. But, my friend who is 1-2 years younger is an amazing pianist, is probably going to major in music at college, and probably will receive a scholarship for it. She has played at tons of recitals and like I said, is amazing.

I don't want to just give up on music since it is a HUGE part of my life, if I lost it, I would probably commit suicide. I could still listen, but wouldn't be making it(still don't make it though). I have messed with keyboard and piano, and have been able to learn songs by ear, something I can't do with guitar. I tried violin for 2 months, and my teacher told me I was progressing fast and had potential to be a great musician, she was recommending me all this stuff, but I stopped because, once again, I listened to the idiots around me. Now I regret that I stopped, and am seriously considering picking up piano or violin lessons, and giving up on guitar.

I can't play an instrument that I have hated for years, I have tried many styles and different ways of playing, but always end up back here. I am really unsure about this, but I think it is time to tell my parents the truth about the guitar. I mean, I rarely touch it anymore, because I just can't play it anymore.

I really don't know what to do? By the way, have used ultimate guitar since I started guitar, decided to post here since yahoo answers isn't working well(useless answers).
dude...this applies to evrything in life, do what fulfills you. If you have expensive and good quality gear, you can sell it and get some money for your new instrument. Your musical background is not lost, so you wouldnt start from 0. Good luck
Now I am having troubles deciding between piano or violin. I got a keyboard from my aunt in Texas, and a few years ago my old pastor gave my family a piano, and then when I started violin, another aunt gave me a violin.

I don't want any of those to go to waste is the thing, since I'm pretty sure at least the piano and violin were expensive. I guess I could do either one, and learn the other later. But I can't decide what one to learn now... I like to make my own music, but also love to cover music of every genre.

I will probably keep my guitars for a few years though, since my family has spent so much money on lessons(like $60 a month or something, but still kind of expensive) and about $300 on guitars.
I can tell you I almost twice as old as you and if your heart isn't there, then you will be miserable. I had to play clarinet when I was younger and I never touched it because I hated it and I still do! But that doesn't mean I love music. You are only 16 and I took up piano later than you and I can play almost anything in the classical rep because there was a passion there. You have more years ahead than me when I started and probably have a better inherent understanding of music. Piano is extremely versatile so I'd recommend it and I may be biased but I think it's not as technically demanding as violin or guitar.

If you are serious about piano, try to get a real acoustic but if you can't I would say Roland's with the weighted keys are the next best thing.
Think I will try piano before violin, since it sounds like that would be the best option for composing music. I am unsure what the acoustic piano we have is, but it really just needs to be cleaned up a bit, and tuned. I would probably use the keyboard when I can't go out to the living room to use the piano(like at 12am when I can't sleep and randomly decide to practice).

But, until I can take violin lessons again, I will probably try to practice every few days still so I don't forget how to use the bow and stuff. Will probably take piano lessons from my violin teacher until I need a more advanced teacher(she teaches basic piano).

Though, since I kind of have my heart set on violin, I'm still unsure about this. I am going to go watch some violin and piano videos to listen to both sounds, and see how they are played since I kind of forgot.
Do what you want dude. I started playing guitar at 26, 6 years later and I am awesome. Don't feel like you've lost out. BTW, $300 for a guitar is going to get a low quality guitar, it won't be as much fun to play as a more expensive one, or sound as good. If you have gotten multiple guitars for that price the quality of your instrument might have been affecting your ability to learn. Regardless, piano is a classy instrument guaranteed to get the ladies.
How can you hate it? You have a crappy guitar and setup, I'd hate that tooI guess.
Curious, is the Fender Telecoustic and epiphone les paul special II bad? The epiphone was my first electric that wasn't left handed, and the telecoustic is the guitar I use now. But both were recommended by my guitar teacher.
i think the telecoustic is one of the worst sounding acoustic guitars ever made! no wonder you don't enjoy guitar !
if your hearts not in it, it's not in it. try a different instrument. i'm sure you've been to music shops and have tried other guitars...how did those make you feel?
dude, your 16 years old...life hasnt even started yet. i picked up guitar 2 years ago(almost) after 20 yrs in the military. it's a great diverson for me...i stink at it but i'm having a ball trying ! that's the important part of it...to be able to enjoy what your doing. kinda like working once your out of school...if you dont enjoy what your doing, its a job...if you do...its a career.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Yeah, heard a lot of people say that the telecoustic sucks.. I really liked my uncle's les paul, but I doubt I will ever own my own(maybe when I'm 20-30).

I took out my violin and haven't been able to put it down(only stopped because I don't want to keep my family up with my horrible playing). I am going to try to continue lessons for that, probably will still play the guitar until I decide what to do with that, and in a few years will take some piano lessons for the music theory and all that cool stuff(thinking about making music my career... that or a doctor, nurse, deaf interpreter, music teacher, music teacher for the deaf and blind... so many choices).