So the GAS bug has bitten again, and with my recent music tastes turning to After The Burial, Tesseract and Periphery, I've decided that I might benefit from some extended-range goodness.

Ibanez's new RG8 has caught my eye, with good reviews (and by good reviews, I mean nobody has mentioned bridges breaking out of the body I'M LOOKING AT YOU RGA8).

Anyone have any personal experience with this guitar, or other guitars of similar price? My only requirement is that it has a scale length appropriate for an 8-string guitar, which is why I'm not concerning myself with LTD's new budget 8-strings. I'd prefer passive pickups but actives are fine.
I've played an RGA8, but not an RG8.
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In case you didn't know, the rg8 has passive pickups in a covered housing. If you switch pickups for other passives, there will be a little gap. I've seen people get these with very poor neck pockets but after a full setup I hear they are great for the money.
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I spent some time with one a guitar center a couple of months ago. I really liked it. for its price range its a steal. I was kinda shocked that Ibanez would even have a 27'' scale within that price range. the pickups like damn near any ibanez will be tolerable for probably a week before you will want to swap them out.

for a $400 guitar, id say pick it up. if you dont gel with it you can return it back for something different.
Offworld is correct. I do own one. It is a fantastic guitar for the money, however it is nowhere near perfect.

The wizard neck is wonderful, and I'm honestly still blown away by the fact that a $400 guitar has a neck like that on it. Fit and finish of the guitar is better than I'd expect from the price range as well. Very plain, obviously, but nice for what it is. The guitar stays in tune amazingly well, and in totality it is a well built, very solid instrument.

Here are the things that make it a $400 guitar:

1) The pickups, while not terrible, leave a lot to be desired. But for such a low priced guitar, it's a no-brainer to grab a much better set of Dimarzios or something.

2) The guitar will need some considerable setup attention. Namely fret work. The 9's that come on it from the factory are useless. You can forget about playing anything on the B or F# strings without crazy buzzing. I am running the D'Addario 10-72 set on mine and it is much much better. However, I still don't like the buzz I get when I drop the F# to E. If you want to play drop E, you'll probably have to go heavier on the 8th. At any rate, I have had to do a ton of truss rod, saddle height, and intonation adjustments to get the guitar to a decent setup. It really needs a fret leveling though, as there are very noticeable high and low spots that I just had to find a happy medium on. Nothing I wouldn't expect from a guitar this price though.

Overall though, I wouldn't hesitate to give the guitar a high recommendation. Incredible value for the money.
Really appreciate the advice! I was thinking of swapping the pickups with the new Seymour Duncan Pegasus and Sentient models with the active housings, but I couldn't find dimensions of the Ibanez pickups. Do you know if they would drop right in?
I also own one, though I got it second hand. It really is an amazing guitar for the money, I often forget that its only $400 new. I've got a Bareknuckle Nailbomb in the bridge and a Dimarzio D Activator in the neck and I get some awesome tones out of it.

It's also a popular guitar for mods, I've seen some really great ones posted around on the sevenstring forums. Pickups can be tricky though because of the cavity size, its a pretty common occurance of people having to shave a few mm off of EMGs to get them to fit properly. It took a bit of finesse to get the Nailbomb into mine, so take that into account as well.
There's a boatload of people on sevenstring.org who are in the ERG section with them Good place to look
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