Hey all;
I've been using a Behringer 1222fx mixer for home recording and practice/jamming. It's been a great machine and have done its job for the past 3 years. Now, channel 2 is not getting an signal through XLR/1/4" and channel 3 is not sending the insert properly. I know most of you don't like Behringers equipment but this one really did a great job with everything I threw at it and fit my needs perfectly.

However, I don't think I'm going to go with a Behringer again for the mixer (unless it's proven that they have better quality on the mixers). I'm working on buying a new place so don't want to spend a ton because I'm going to upgrade to something bigger/better at some point.

So the question, any recommendations for 10-16 channel mixers that are lesser expensive? Ideally, would love every channel to have inserts so I can send each one to my interface, but have not seen one like that. Don't care if USB, not going to use it.


EDIT: Have anyone had any luck with the PylePro mixers?
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The Alesis line is good, and works well for me, 8 or 16 channel with usb 2,0 and it will multi track well.
how cheap are you talking? the peavey PV series mixers are fairly cheap and pretty solid. it looks like the PV14 is around $300, and has inserts on all the mono channels. I have one of the smaller ones and it has never let me down (though I rarely use it now).
Personally.... I wouldn't go less expensive than Behringer. Their stuff is the best you will get at those price points.

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