A recent ad for a Henri Oiseua prototype number 4 of 12 in America. As a totally none guitar player I have number 8 of 12. Just got me thinking where are the other 10. Quick details are they were made and giving to professional musicians to launch the company based on exact replicas of a Gibson ES175. Mine was giving to Jazz guitarist Andreas Oberg. I aquired it around 2007. The company lasted about 2 years, by reports found they are excellant quality instruments.
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The Henri Oiseua guitars were never a big seller. They were supposed to have been of high quality, though I have never seen one. I believe almost all of them were sold in the U.K. and in Europe. If any made it to the U.S.A., I haven't heard of it. The "missing" guitars are no doubt in private hands or sitting in music shops somewhere in the U.K. and/or Europe. I don't know if they still make guitars. They had some sort of arrangement with Takamine for a while; how much overlap there was in production between the two, I don't know. Strangely, the company still makes guitar picks:

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Good spot and link on the picks by Fatalgear41. I spoke with the owner and he was involved in the set up of the company. Number 1 of 12 is still in his possesion and can be seen on the web page showing guitars inside the shop.
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