I'm not sure what genre this is. It's like a jazzy bluesy funk fusion thing. Sort of like Dave Matthews Band. Any opinions.
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Something, something, something... dark side.
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Quote by amonamarthmetal

I guess it's perfect then... xD
Something, something, something... dark side.
Don't worry bro, I'll comment it

I liked it, I'm really keen on funk/blues music (at least that kind of blues).

The 33rd bar and more (chorus ?) is really interesting, it deserves to be used for a solo or something !
The piano is really great on it, it really fits well.
In the "bad" things I would say you should try to enhance the bass line with some variations. And if you do that, the drums should follow it of course. There also may be some place for a bass solo but this is really optionnal

Anyway, this is a very good start for a song, when I listen to it i feel peaceful, relaxed. I'd really like to jam on it with my bass and I think guitarists would like to as well ! I'm really looking forward to listening to it once finished.
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