Hi guys-

Just been sent this link to a Rolling Stones and Yes (70s prog rock, anyone?) auction going on in Stockport on June 7th.

[forbidden link]

They seem to have some pretty cool stuff. Apparently the way it's working is that there's a general memorabilia auction in the morning (where you will find a beautful selection of 70s stage costumes worn by Chris Squire, the bassist from Yes) and then in the afternoon there's a shorter, exclusively Rolling Stones auction (they've got Watts' cymbals, a leather jacket owned and worn by Ron Wood, and then also general bric and brac memorabilia)

It's being run by Omega Auctions, has anyone heard anything else about it?

are you suggesting it could be a scam? how did you receive it? yeah i know who yes is.
-Let the led out-