Hey guys, Im looking to possibly purchase a new guitar and have it setup specifically for slide/open tunings. Ive got a nice Les Paul but I dont want to keep mesing with its settings and figure i need some higher action for nice slide. Im not looking at anything crazy priced, maybe around 500 or so. Trying to get the classic slide sound of skynyrd/black crowes/allmans. I was looking at the gibson sgj, its about 600 right now. Any thoughts or recommendations?
An SG or another les paul would be great, just set it up with some high action and it'll be a breeze to play. But once you get good at slide, all your friends will be bugging you to play slide on their records
Pretty much anything that will stay in tune can be set up to play slide, since a higher action is actually desirable (up to a point of course...).

In general anything you find for $500 (especially used) will work quite nicely. This is one time where you might as well go for how it looks...
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You could always try to find a used PRS se 245 soapbar, or really almost any mahogany guitar with p90's. Those ones specifically run $650 new. Good luck.
I would buy a squire tele,or a used MIM tele or strat.You should experiment with a slide on your LP just to see if you like hum buckers,most people prefer single coils for slide.A guitar with issues like worn out frets or bowed neck can be a great slide guitar.I would go cheap and used like $200-$250.
Derek Trucks is rarely seen without an SG strapped around his neck. Slide can sound a little raspy, particularly if your using brass and humbuckers can warm that up a little. Single coils can sound a little thin, but have more of a country tone, so it really depends if your after that incendiary blues sound, or the laid back country tones.
A used Godin Belmont would work well: they have a SD '59 in the bridge and SD Lipsticks in the middle & neck positions- plenty of classic R&R tones.
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