Right now I have 10-46 gauge strings on my guitar and would like to move up to some heavier gauge strings that would give me a better blues sound like SRV and BB King. But the thing is that if I move up to a heavier gauge would I have to readjust my guitar for the heavier strings. And I believe the string gauge on the pack ran from 11-56.
Yes you will need to set up the intonation, the neck relif and the bridge springs if it is a tremolo equipped guitar

You will probably need to widen the nut slots to keep the bigger strings from binding
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Quite frequently, you can get away with going up on gauge size without too much of an issue. As Robb mentioned, you may have to redo the intonation. Go ahead and try it. I've never had to widen the nut slots going up a gauge.
What tuning?

A 56 is really big for E.

Standard 11 (medium) gauge is 11-49. 11-56 is medium/extra heavy.
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Put 11s on....check the relief in the neck, check intonation(google it if you must)...I never go below 11s these days and its easy to set guitars up for em, all you have to do is do some research with google etc...IMO once you go 11s you'll never go back!
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Big strings aren’t needed for blues tones. You just need the right amp. BB King uses .08s or .09s—he was the one who convinced Billy Gibbons to move to lighter strings. SRV’s tone didn’t come from the big strings. His tone came from playing the same part through multiple high-output amps at extreme volumes.