So I picked up a copy of Kind of Blue from a local library, and WOW. Its funking fantastic! I had never previously liked or listened to Jazz before but after a couple of listens that CD blew me away. Went back recently and picked up a copy of In A Silent Way, and though it is different, i'm enjoying that a lot too. Also picked up a John Coltrane compilation album too.

So all you Jazz fans out there, what Miles Davis albums can you recommend this new listener? And what other similar artists should I check out? Basically, any recommendations for anyone new to Jazz would be greatly appreciated
I would HIGHLY recommend "Birth of the Cool" if you liked Kind of Blue. I played in a birth of the cool cover band this year, and it was a fantastic experience with fantastic music. That stuff will blow your mind. Especially "Moon Dreams and "Venus de Milo"
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Have to agree with limescout, "Birth of the Cool" was fantastic..

Also, if you're liking "In A Silent Way", "Bitches Brew" is a good way to go.

"Sketches of Spain" was also a great record, but many don't consider it true jazz..

"Something Else" by Cannonball Adderley had Miles on trumpet, and has my favourite rendition of "Autumn Leaves" on it
My recommends outside Miles would be to check out Wayne Shorter (any of these albums: Night Dreamer, Adam's Apple, Speak No Evil, Juju), Herbie Hancock (Empyrean Isles, Maiden Voyage) and Dave Brubeck (Time Out, Jazz Impressions of Japan).
miles became a nesting ground for developing musicians..herbie hancock , chick corea, john McLaughlin, john scofield, mike stern..and many others...check the other musicians on kind of blue...cannonball adderly, of course coltrane...and bill evans .. his style on piano is beyond amazing..dig into all the players on each miles album and you will find a wealth of jazz history as well as its future...

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I've always liked Kind Of Blue, Birth of the Cool and Sketches of Spain, but I've always had a tough time getting into anything else of his. Just not the right time yet, ha

I love Charles Mingus, especially with Eric Dolphy. I'd recommend Black Saint and The Sinner Lady and the Town Hall Concert . Mingus Plays Piano is one of my favorites too. If you like those check out Epitaph, Mingus Mingus Mingus, Mingus Ah Um and Let My Children Hear Music.

He also does a great collab with Duke Ellington and Max Roach called Money Jungle

John Coltrane is good. I started with Meditations.

There's some more modern stuff you might like, like Bill Frisell and Tony Scherr
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bitches brew is annoying and overly-lauded. not bad, just not really great

birth of the cool is pleasant

the quintet albums are killer

milestones is dope

the modern jazz giants is cool

you'd prolly also like kenny burrel, MJQ, wes, art blakey and especially FREDDIE HUBBARD and Cannonball