Just looking for some advice and insight or whatever.
Always wanted a les paul, but only settle for a top notch one,
So I just got some expendable cash, I can actually get one.
My limit is about $2000, and I just would like to know which gibsons
To check out, which are better for the money, etc
I checkin out the les paul standard, traditional pro; but there are so
Many I don't know where to start. I do plan to go to a store and actually
Check some out, just hoping you guys can narrow down my search a lil.
Thanks in advance

Budget- $2000
Location- Las Vegas
Condition- new, but doesn't matter
Music- metal/rock, megadeth, pantera, testament
Current gear- jackson dinky, soloist, orange dark terror
Thank you, now I feel like a jackass lol
Been on their site many times, never saw that before.
Besides that tho, I would still like some personal opinions.
Info can only tell me so much, and the local guitar center
Won't have every model for me to feel out. There are plenty
Of models to choose from and there's alway some that are just
Better than others. Whether it be quality, country of origin etc.
Anything would be helpful.

Btw I apologize for the rare, never before uttered "which les paul" question
But this lazy bum doesn't feel like thumbing through thousands of posts and reviews
I got better things to do lol
If you want a lighter guitar with coil split, a thinner neck and hotter pickups get the standard.

The Traditional is the Standard of old. Heavier with a 50s fat neck.

The Traditional pro has upgraded pickups and a unique finish and a 60s neck.

It's really a matter of comfort and preference than it is a matter of one being better than the the other.
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Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

2K can get you a used 58 reissue, which is definitely the best you can do in a Gibson LP for that price. It's a significant step up from the Traditional/Trad Pro/Standard models, and the nicest Custom Shop Historic before you start getting into the outrageously priced 59RI and similar LE models with a lot more emphasis on aesthetics and exclusivity.
Get out there & play them! Don't go with preconceived ideas about wanting a specific model, you may find that you actually prefer one that you'd have ignored simply because it wasn't the one you thought you wanted.

A couple of years ago I was shopping round for a Standard, played loads but didn't have that immediate bond with any of them. I eventually bought a Studio which I fell in love with the instant I played it - and yet I'd originally ignored it because it was supposedly one of their lower ranking models.

The thing with Gibson is they're all unique. They aren't made on a production line that will churn out 100s of totally identical guitars, they're hand made instruments and all have their own personality.

Playing them is the only way to determine which is right for you.
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Quote by GaryBillington
Playing them is the only way to determine which is right for you.

This, also just because you are getting a "top notch" one it doesnt mean it will be good. Every guitar is different and just because one is expensive doesnt mean it is better. Ive played Squires that i'll take over Standards, try some of the sub $2000 Gibsons and you might find that you like them better.