Hi All,

I am deciding between the Jackson SLATXMG3-6 and the PRS SE Custom 24. I bought the PRS on an impulse, but it is on backorder for another month. In the meantime, to play a little devils advocate, i played around with the Jackson and really liked it. The smooth neck on the jackson, on top of the fact that its a bit thinner felt great. I play through a VOX Valvetronix tone lab, and through garageband/FL Studio (into headphones) mostly, so amplifier is not an issue. I play all varieties of music. Not professionally, just for fun at home.

Im having a hard time deciding which guitar is better. Ive always ben a fan of the PRS brand, both the american and korean mades, and dont have a lot of experience with the Jacksons. I dont want to get the PRS just for the name but i certainly dont want to choose a lesser guitar.

Anyone that can help sway me in the right direction would be greatly apreciated.
Im also aware of the difference in pickups. I like the active EMGs for sure, but like i mentioned have always been a fan of the HFS in the prs. I just cant decide whats best. are EMGs generally better for recording than the passives? IDK PLEASE HELP