Lately, I have been especially into playing the blues and would like to compile a good sized set to perform. Eric Clapton's Unplugged album is a given for this category and I've been dabbling in some Robert Johnson music as well. Any songs that really implement a slide have been my preference so far. What are some really catchy and- preferably- complex blues songs you enjoy playing?
With 2 guitars, you could jam over "Mailted Milk" for hours, alternatively taking leads.

If you like this airy, finger picking style, for starters...:

- Mississippi John Hurt
- Tampa Red
- Blind Willie Johnson
- Skip James
- Mississippi Fred McDowell
- Lightning Hopkins

All along this path I tread
My heart betrays my weary head
With nothing but my soul to save
From the cradle to the grave.
Elmore James has a lot of slide guitar songs, Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters are great as well
I'm really into slide playing at the moment too and have been on a similar search.

Aside from some of the greats mentioned, my suggestions would be a cool track I found by a band called Buring Condors called Dirty Girl Blues - interesting slide work, kind of blues, progy and punky, raw but complex.

Also some of Duane Denisons slide playing for th Legendary Shack Shakers is great-check out a track called Sin Eater, awesome playing!

Anyone heard of these guys?
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Jimi Hendrix - Red House was the song that really helped me develop an ear for blues bending and helped me get out of the rut of "sitting in the box" for my own playing. Don't know that I'll ever get bored of it.

SRV - Pride and Joy helped me develop dexterity and speed, while maintaining picking precision.

Derek and the Dominoes - Snake Lake Blues. This song I have probably practiced for 4-5 years and still go back to it and get overwhelmed trying to comprehend the theory. I actually just made a thread basically asking for help understanding it.

These three songs are really the stand-outs when I think of songs that have previously helped me and continue to do so.
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Hide Away by Freddie King is fun to play, it was also covered by Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Also the main riff to the SRV song Testify is fun, Jimi Hendrix inspired. The rest of the song is a really difficult fast guitar solo.
Try Stevie Ray Vaughan's Rude Mood. Some great room for soloing in that.

And maybe Buddy Bolden's Blues or Hot Tamalas? Hugh Laurie has done some recent covers but they're classics all the same.
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Oh, and Killing Floor is a goodun.
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This is not the traditional blues but some really cool bluesy licks! Check it out!

Funkadelic-Maggot brain
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SRV's Texas Flood is a great blues song to learn and really helps with speed and dexterity..

this is my favorite blues song. I can't play it tho

+1 for Red House
such a solid song and isn't insanely tuff
I've just learned the intro and the little lick after that haha..its's a tough song but its one of my favs!!!will sound even better once my blues jr and ibanez tube screamer come it=)
hey my votes ronnie earl its my soul ronnie is without doubt my fave blues man on planet ive got some blues recordings too come say hi n let me hear your stuff too