Hi i have some issues with the voting system and wish to know if other users feel the same.

So, the reason i joined this community is to learn songs. If i dont know a song, and i think i need help with it, then a Tab community seems a good place.

From one side this idea of having a group that share their interpretations on songs is awesome because many songs dont have official transcriptions available, or because these "official" ones are not that good. So with many people working together this problem can be overcome. So far so good.

I have an issue with the tab rate/voting system (or with how people deal with it) that is:

its a classic "5 star" system. The interesting point is that 4 stars is "Accurate" and 5 stars is "Excelent".

First thing i asked myself was : "- how can a transcription be more than accurate?"" but oh well, lets see the tabs. Then i chose my favorite band and checked its available tabs here. Well what i found was really discouraging.

Most of the "5 star" tabs i checked contained many errors, wrong and missing notes, techniques etc. So the next thing i thought was "- how can a wrong tab be avaluated excellent when it is not even accurate....

My point is, the way the system works (or the way people use it) makes us learn wrong stuff believing we are getting something "more than accurate".

You guys will probably not change the voting system, so the solution i can come up with is: You guys should encourage people to vote more, to rate more the tabs. BUT the important thing is they should be encouraged to try to be accurate when evaluating one. People shouldnt vote 5 stars because "the song is cool". Or even if it is a good tab, with all instruments and all, if they find ANY importand mistakes, they should be encouraged to vote 3 stars since "worth learning" is much more realistic to any tab that is not 4"accurate".

The reality for most tabs with 5 stars i checked is, it had errors (an "A" note where it should be a "G" etc) so if we are being real here, it should get 3 stars.

Seriously, its very sad that people learn songs wrong, believing they are getting it right.

People HAVE to be more consientious in their voting, so people KNOW that the tab needs improving and someone can do something. If the tab is "sold as perfect", most people wont try to question it.

Another suggestion other than try to estimulate people to be more critic when voting, is that the comment section below the tab should be changeable. People should be able to Delete or Edit their comments below the tabs. This way we could get better feedback. Also the newer comments should be displayed first and the older for last. Because the tabs are suposed to be updated, right? Makes more sense that when someone is downloading a tab he/she can check the last/more updated comments, and not the 6 year old ones (the newer ones are hidden and we have to click ans scroll down to read, its not good).

I am just being brief here, and i know this is a "BIG" discussion that involves the very core of how we use this site, but i wanted to mention this since i could not find these concerns anywhere.