Just a few riffs that I have come up with this week and feel it makes a pretty decent song with some tempo changes.

If you like any parts of it let me know!
Just leave a comment and I will comment on yours or leave any feedback.

Thanks and enjoy!

For best listening I would say use with RSE, but midi sounds pretty decent too.
really sweet tab here man! tbh, the only part i really wasnt fond of was the opening riff. too slow feeling and drawn out. also i will say it does bother me that a lot of the riffs only last for 3 measures before repeating. other than that, as soon as bar 16 came in, i definitely started enjoying it!
I thought that #2 was quite sluggish, its sounds more like Gothic or Doom metal than Melodic Death, although I personally kinda liked the jarring tempo change when #4 came in. #4 was really, really cool. Headbanged so hard my headphones came off You could try using varying intervals in the harmonisation instead of just the minor third. #3 seems like a pretty good riff to use to build into an epic chorus. #5 felt kind of like it had a slight metalcore influence to me. The outro seemed kind of abrupt to me, although if it kept repeating into a fade out, it might not be too bad.
The start of the song reminds me a bit of Opeth's The Drapery Fall.

Bars 9-15: Needs some kind of lead here
Bars 16-21: Nice
Bars 22-29: Transition to this section felt a bit weird
Bars 22-29: Now the song feels a bit "too technical" to me
Bars 30-36: Nice return to the theme of the intro, I like it
Bars 40-end: Ending feels a bit empty

Overall I liked more the less technical part which reminded me a bit of Opeth's Blackwater Park album feel.