Heyoh guys, here is a song I composed. You can also listen to it on my UG page, I added chorus, reverb and stuff to it to sound a little bit better

I would really need some feedback on it.

Enjoy, btw. Oh, and for the bass tapping solo, I'll have to check if it can be played but it should be ok... I don't have my instruments with me to check

(sorry, was forced to compress it...)

*cute elves with harps and flutes will rule the world*
Compo 108.zip
I'm actually in a Symphonic Metal band, so I thought it'd be proper to give you some feedback as I'm experienced in this genre! I really like the build up in the intro, it's just a shame you've only got Guitar Pro, I'd like to hear this done by a proper orchestra. I really like the folky feel to this, I have a feeling you've been listening to early Elvenking, and if not, do it, it sounds a lot like this. The creepy bit around 73 is very effective, and at 79, I feel like I'm about to fight Sephiroth or something, it's got a bit of a late Sonata Arctica/Nightwish feel to it, I like it. You've clearly put a lot of work into this, and it shows, I'd just love to hear this done in a proper recording, with a vocalist.

A criticism I'll have to make is that often orchestral sections are looped, and I think it's crucial that you develop these ideas by adding instrumentation, building dynamics and the like, but I'd imagine that if you had the software that'd really make these techniques shine, you would do them, so I'm not too worried.

The section starting at 258 is nicely orchestrated, and you really build it well, this piece is really long and dense, but the section starting at 292 is a fantastic payoff, it felt like a reward for sticking through the song, and I like the atmospheric ending.

Also, I say this is long, apparently the piece is twelve minutes. You made that feel like 7 at the most, be bloody proud, I would honestly say this is one of the best pieces I've seen posted on this forum.
This kind of metal aint usually my thing, but its something you could include on an album or EP for sure. I will say this: The first 30 or so bars sounds like something from Runescape.

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Oh, and for the bass tapping solo, I'll have to check if it can be played but it should be ok...

Lol, that's the main problem with songs written in GP. I can't play half the stuff I write there

For the song - it's really well written! For a 12 minute long piece it sounds very diverse and solid. And very epic! I didn't really heard any weird parts or something. But it's hard to critique it fully for me, due to the a big amount of lines. The bass line is cool though.
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@Zaqq : Actually I'm a bass player, and as such, I try to compose lines that fit to my level, which means, easy but interesting ones. (and some tapping parts cause i love it)
Otherwise you are right, 16 tracks is a lot and it makes it hard to criticize efficiently, I can understand, but thanks anyway.

@CelestialGuitar : first thanks for taking time for your comment.
I have indeed been listening to early Elvenking some years ago, but then I bought their last album and I was so disappointed that I totally abandoned the band
Flute is an instrument I really like. I have always been fan of folk (metal or not) bands like Eluveitie or Omnia and they were good inspirations for it. (mostly Omnia for the couple "Flute+Harp"). I even started playing flute some months ago but never found time to get a proper level.
Some guys told me it sounded sometimes like old Nightwish too, it is funny because I really never aimed at this but ... well I like NW and i take this as a compliment

I also agree with you on the looping... Being limited by the 16 tracks is embarassing and actually I really don't know, if I had the possibility to add some little other instrumentations, if I would be able to do it !
By the way yes, I would also really like to listen to it played by real instruments because we all know here that there is a huge difference between midi and real things.
And yes, with a vocalist ... It would be great

Anyone thanks again for your devlopped comment !
Oh and hf fighting Sephirot :P
Bar 100 was a nice little breather from the previous section which had a lot going on. I especially liked the harp part, it was very relaxing and you built off of it very nicely as you added the shamisen and the flute. The reintroduction of the guitar and drums was executed very effectively as well.

Bar 169 had a cool chord progression, I just wasnt really a fan of the tuba. The guitar lead layered over that was phenomenal though, really catchy and brought the mood up.

Bar 197 was awesome as well, it felt like as if I was in battle. Introducing that motif on guitar was also really cool but I wasn't feeling the brass section in the background at 205. I think that little bit would sound better on a different instrument probably, but then again just about everything else is already playing something.

The whole progression after the was really cool, I felt the sweeps at 225 might have been a bit excessive but they transitioned nicely into the next melody part which I really enjoyed. Again at bar 237 there was another nice mellow part. It's was a nice break from all the stuff that was just going on previously.

Overall, other than the instruments, the song structure was key here. The song built up nicely and gave a little breather in between each section which made each part stand out more and feel more epic.

I guess C4C means comment for comment ?

Anyway thanks for your com, and I commented yours !

I really love trumpets stuff. At first I was a power metal fan, especially Freedom Call and so on, so ... :P
Brass Ensemble are good but lacked basses and they really sound artificial. I'd rather use tuba or french horns in midi, it depends.

I indeed try to alternate quiet parts and heavy ones. Some will tell that it lacks "pure" metal, but I really think that the rythm guitars are playing interesting and really "metal" riffs during the heavy parts. The problem is that they are mostly hidden by the orchestrations.

I'm a little ashamed here for not being able to give you a proper crit because I never listened this kind of music. Even though this isn't my genre, I really liked it. It's definitely an impressive work, especially for a 12 mins long piece. It flows nice, the sections fit very well together, and the ending is insanely good. Only thing I didn't like is:

79-82: That Bell effect would work better if only used just once before switching into the next section.

233-236: It feels like that the lead guitar is unnecessary (because it doesn't develop any further, but stands out too much).

(Also, sometimes the orchestra felt way too dominant compared to the guitar parts but well, it's just gp so it's hard to tell, it certainly would sound way better recorded.)

Overall: musically it's nearly flawless, but one more thing you should consider imo is it's lenght. But well, that depends wether you wrote it for a wider audience or not. I don't know about the fanbase of the genre but I think 12 mins is a bit long to take in, even for music geeks I think. Anyway, very good job on this one!
Yeah for the 233-236 I intended to make a kind of solo based on tremolo and stuff, but in midi it doesn't sound well. If I had a real guitarist, he would do it better and maybe develop it more of course !