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hey everyone , i just want to ask a fast question. i know that i should hold the pick with nearly 30* angle but what about the pick relating to the string? should i lean my wrist downwards (so its like 105+ degree relating to the string down) or should it be straight ?
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Honestly, I've never worried about my pick angle. My best advice to you is, hold the pick properly in your fingers, keep your wrist at the proper position and the rest will follow. Besides, if you're not holding the pick at the correct angle, you'll know it.
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Which angle is supposed to be 30º? I try to hold the pick perpendicular and let the tightness of grip determine at which angle the pick actually slides over the string.
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Don't worry about angles and degrees and stuff. If it's comfortable in your hand, if you can hit the string you want, and if it sounds good, you're doing it right.
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But generally should i turn my wrist angled to the strings or straight ?? (I want to know the most efficiant way because my right hand technique is abit weak)
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Don't think about what angle you hold the pick at, at least not in a numerical way. Just hold it so it's comfortable and adjust the angle that the pick hits the string to get the sound you want.
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Quote by FirasKordi
But generally should i turn my wrist angled to the strings or straight ??

Your wrist? Most definitely straight!

Any other position is putting more strain than neccessary on it. Also, as has been said, you shouldn't worry too much about the exact angle of the pick, as it will depend on things like: the size of your hand, or the length of your arm.

Just think of when you type on a computer- they always tell you to keep your wrist straight. This is for a good reason.