I frequently post in threads and end up moving them to my bookmarks toolbar so that I can revisit them at some point in the future to see whether anyone has replied to my post, because I'm narcissistic that way. However, it sometimes gets messy because I end up with many bookmarks that are cut off at "UG Community @ Ulti...", so I don't know which threads are which until I mouseover them.

To that end, I think that implementing some form of notification system (quite unfortunately not unlike the notification system used by websites such as Facebook and Kotaku) where you will be notified if somebody posts in a thread that you've posted in. This way, everything can be kept in a centralized place.

The most important use this function would serve is so that users would be able to know what has happened in a thread since they were last there. No more forgetting about a discussion because you forgot to bookmark it.

I don't see how this function can be implemented without some form of UI overhaul on the forums, which will almost definitely be met with backlash, but I think it's food for thought.
Russians have said before that they do plan on implementing something like this.


The forum already provides icons for the threads to indicate whether or not there are new posts (the envelope icons). You can also sticky threads that you frequent most to have easy access. And as for your system of bookmarks, in most browsers you can name those bookmarks to make them easier to track.

If you want to see if someone replied directly to your post by quoting it, our simply mentioned your username anywhere else, then you can use the search function. -->https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/search.php?searchid=11669095
I used to get an email every time someone posted in a thread I replied to

It stopped all of a sudden one day even though I changed no settings on either hotmail or UG

I miss that
That's more or less already a thing.
This is my only UG bookmark; https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/subscription.php?do=viewsubscription

I automatically subscribe to threads I post in, I simple click on/refresh that page to see if any thread I have posted in is replied to
you can even click the little white arrow next to the thred name to go to the first unread post
I can delete a specific subscription if I post once in the Football thread for example and don't want to keep up with it

You can set it to automatically subscribe to threads you post in here;
Change the 'Do Not Subscribe' box to 'No email notification', unless you also want email notifications (although that would fill up my inbox too quick, I prefer just to keep it on the subscribed threads list page).
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