I've been playing guitar for around a year and a half or 2 years. I started on a free squire strat and a free line 6 amp. Now I have a fender strat, les Paul, and a 150 watt line 6 modeling amp. (Prefer the strat over the LP any day!) but I've learned my pentatonic and blues scales and trust me, I've had my round with those. They are old and I am running dry on new licks for my solos. I'm looking to go places and I feel like I've made very little or no progress in the last few months. I haven't been practice less or anything. (Maybe even more) I'm just stuck!! It would be great if you guys could leave some tips or some links to helpful YouTube videos. (New modes to play in, new scales ect.) Am I the only one that has went through a rut like this? Anything will help.
Thanks on advance.
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Forget theory.

Learn songs you like.
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So you're in a rut?

Try playing stuff in genres outside of your favorites.

Try playing familiar tunes in a different time signature.

Try taking your sheet music to a familiar tone and turning it upside-down. Or play the song in reverse order.
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There's a couple iphone apps to check out some different scales, jam with some familiar songs you like..... Heck, pick up a bass... lol
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Here you go, have some inspiration, courtesy of Steve Vai:


I was going to link this video. Very inspiring.

Also **** theory.. It has its place, but you wont get any more enjoyment learning more scales (especially if you don't know how to apply them).
^^Awesome video. He and I have the same attitude about guitar playing. I've never experienced any frustration with the guitar because of it. If you can get to that point -- where you can just look at the big picture, you'll advance naturally.
I am in a rut too and I actually just stopped practicing for 2 hours cut it to 30 mins to an hour an just focused my practice to what I needed to learn and after a week or so I have noticed more improvement than in a long while. Point is if your stressing about it practice less and do other things doesn't me just sit the guitar down for a year just find other things to focus on and give your brain A break. If you haven't check out the sticky that has a thousand exercises it can really shake your whole routine up,