I have been thinking about this suggestion for quite a while now and i haven't found a "suggestion box" or anything of the kind on this website, so i wasn't to sure where to post this and decided i'd just post it right here.

The Suggestion:
I am a Children Of Bodom fan, among other bands but being a Bodom fan has most relevance to this suggestion currently.
Children Of Bodom have just released a new album "Halo of Blood" and obviously all the songs on this album have not yet been tabbed out. i have searched for them and found few, but i have noticed that in the search field you only have two options to conduct a search in; namely bands and songs.
I personally feel that if albums was added to that search category, it would make life a whole lot easier to see what songs have been tabbed from new album releases and what haven't rather than typing in the name of all (in this case) 12 songs in the album and finding 3.

I am aware that placing songs in album categories will take a very very long time, and that millions of tabs already exist on this site, but at the same time this would be something really amazing and very helpful and would definitely be what makes "UltimateGuitar" more "Ultimate" than other websites like it that also offer tabs. It really will make this site stand out from all the rest. the bonus is once the current songs have been categorized into albums the work load will be a lot easier. it's just that initial start now that will be a steep mountain to climb. So please guys do consider this suggestion and give me some feedback, because UltimateGuitar is in my books Ultimate and i want to help make it more Ultimate.