Hey guys, this is my new band called Boo Boo Kitty ****. I started out by making music for my cat to listen to and she liked it so I thought other cats may like it too.

Here is my first song, Scratch My Eyes Out Fluffy Tail.

And here is the Official Facebook Page.

I am currently working on my third song, called Bass n Meow, and it should be finished by the end of the week.


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I am actually going to listen to this to see if it works...
Actually called Mark!

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i wanna see a clip of a recto buying some groceries.

And I thought I've had heard it all after glitchcore and nintendocore, people never fail to amaze me
ok my next song is online.

Bass N Meow

This is the last of the songs for cats for now, until I finish the new songs for cows genre - Moocore.

Nextsong should be up in the next week or two.

Any ideas or suggestions or critisisms are welcome!
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I'm really thinking you may want to consider coming back to the human race... Felinecore and Moocore are really great ideas, but you're dealing with an audience who has no ability to pay - cats and cows just don't get any allowance.
Still better than BFMV.
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you're youtube video made me hungry and i hated it.
but it's better than the beatles, look them up. YOU might like them.
Hungry as in food wise?

I just figured out how to do sub bass with 3xosc, so l have something neat in the works..
yeah, food, sure, why not?

keep up the good work. i strongly believe this the next wave of music. kinda like what the stones did for the 60's.
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Stop posting on 4chan, you shitcunt.

How come?

KITTY BISCUITS are revitalizing audiences with their raw energy live show and undeniable chemistry of brotherhood. They transcend a world that is locked in genre and commercialism; though they know they can't do it alone, they are the seeds of a revolution. The band has pitched their newest CD to Sony executives, played in front of the likes of Henry Rallins, and the lead singer has sang onstage with Freddie Mircury - we have the goods and we WILL deliver.