I wanted make sure I'm practicing correctly. Is this the correct way to hold the guitar pick ? I was having problems last week with hitting my index knuckle on the string with a different hold. This position seems the most comfortable--just needed some feedback--thanks. (Pick is a Jim Dunlop Jazz 3 nylon--hope the pictures post below)
What ExDementia said.

The ultimate picking technique for anyone is the one where you can play as relaxed as possible, without it hindering you in any way. If what you are doing now feels good to you, it's only a matter of developing it through perfect practice.

From experience, i had a picking technique before that was awful, i was tensing up way too much and i ended up hurting myself, only reason why i stuck with it was cause i could "play better" with it. (And with "play better" i mena i was under the illusion that i could). That was two years ago, and i have recently started working much on my picking again, this time with a very relaxed technique. I am still awful, cause i haven't been doing it for long enough, but i am improving constantly and it always feels good to play.

Moral of this story: Don't be like me two years ago. Examine your technique and find out if you are playing as relaxed as you can, and also see if you are tensing up much, be honest with yourself. Better to develop a good technique a bit slower than develop a bad technique and injure yourself.
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the pick should be comfortably perched between index finger@thumb, and just a tad off set to the left
I used to hold the pick like you until just a few weeks ago. Now I slightly changed and I stick my middle finger just under the index finger. If that makes sense.