First post here, yay!

If you haven't already seen the original, check it out. It's truly a pioneering song. Was listening to it at work today instead of doing work and wrote a electronicore/metalcore style cover of it, as you do.

Any feedback appreciated, and if you pop a link in your reply, I'll do my best to crit back.
Goodbye (D4NNY cover).gp5
Goodbye (D4NNY cover).gpx
Writing while listening, rythm guitar sounds is at 0 lol

edit: is the ''synth'' track's an electric guitar? Because its a pretty fast playing.

And i've never listened to Goodbye before so all I can talk about is your instrumental work, wich is pretty cool but a bit simple (breakdowns and percussive guitar are overly used technics nowaday for what it is in reality, just chugging. My 2 cents :P sorry.)

And the solo is cool but simple too.

edit2: Okay dude the original song is a ****ing joke omg what a waste of time -_-
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So I watched the original video... ITS BETTA THAN LIFE
Your cover is hilarious as well
I laughed way to hard at the video
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