I know the chances of anyone around Leeds seeing this are slim, but here it goes:

15 year old guitarist, looking for some people to start a band with. Preferably something along the lines of metal but of course with a twist which makes it a unique sound. I am quite flexible on the genre though so dont hesitate to ask. Looking for committed, skillfuland (hopefully) experienced band members, but if youve never played before it doesnt matter too much.

Previous experience: Played some gigs with a couple of different bands (as well as solo, if a school concert counts as a gig haha), none of them committed enough though. Been playing for almost 2 years, but I am certainly not new to guitar or anything like that.. Let's just say the last 2 years has been a LOT of hard work.

If interested comment on here, then ill tell you my email or phone or whatever.

Influences: Dilinger escape plan, metallica, papa roach, limp bizkit, slipknot, korn, rhcp, arctic monkeys, deftones, oasis.... Pretty much anything that sounds good, these are only a few bands off the top of my head.