Hey guys to improve my soloing I decided to learn the Pentatonic Shapes, which I have. I started with the 5 Minor Position/Shape and I have noticed that the Major Positions/Shapes seem to be exactly the same? My question is, to know the difference between the Major and Minor pentatonic scales would I have to learn on which note each scale begins or is there another way? Thank you guys!
It depends entirely on the context in which the scale is being used. Play the notes ACDEG over an A minor backing and you're using A minor pentatonic, play those same notes over a C major backing and you're playing C major pentatonic.

It has nothing to do with the beginning or what order you play the notes in and everything to do with where the backing you're playing over resolves to.

You should be able to hear the notes sound different over different chords; the way the overtones and such mix reacts differently over certain chords. This is what you should really be listening for when you're playing. Knowing the notes of the fretboard and a millions different scales won't be of any use to you unless you know how they sound over different backings. That's how you end up being able to make the sounds you want to.
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