Hey guys, it's my first post here and thus the first song to ever post here by me. I'd like some general feedback, criticism, anything.

Cheers, me
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That's djenty indeed. Well I liked the first riff, until the first bridges that I found a little bit "too much" (too long or something).
I loved your chorus though. The last verse (i would have said it is a chorus, but anyway) would deserve an epic melodic guitar solo to my opinion !

Otherwise, the fact is that I didn't like some of the riffs, BUT, on a real guitar with a real djent-like distorsion, it may sound very good, so I won't really complain about it
Maybe there is something to fix with the drums, i don't really know if it was intended but they follow too much the guitar riffs, i think.

Anyway, overall it is an epic song for a starting one, well done ! And sorry for my bad english
Pretty epic, and pretty interesting for djent. Reminds me of Radiance crossed with Meshuggah, and is much ballsier than most djent. Would sound epic with some Devin Townsend-ish vocals.

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pretty sweet sound man! ill start with what i liked:

i liked the intro and the first verse. the whole octave hammer-ons is pretty damn cool and something ive never seen before. and of course the intro reprise since its very similar. i also really enjoyed the bridge from bar 61. very ambient in a weird way (a good weird), as well as the verse immediately after.

now for what i didnt like:

the drums for the first bridge in bars 11-15 kinda killed the groove. theyre a little too spazzy for my tastes and that riff would sound a lot better with a groovier drum beat. the second bridge on bars 16-23 was a tad bland a repetitive, and even though it sounds cool, the chorus drags on for too long. also the song itself is very repetitive, and the space vox is kinda dominating the song, kinda how too much of a good thing is a bad thing. so id say either turn down the vox or just use less. could also use more fretwork (as in more finger movement) overall.

all in all though, since it has great potential, but some very apparent flaws, ill give it about a 7.5-8/10. also, could you give some input on some of my songs? ive made a few posts in the tabs and chords forums. it would be greatly appreciated man
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