Hi, while I do my alternate picking I realized that as I move my forearm towards the first string that the part of my hand below my thumb knuckle bone keeps touching one of the thickest strings very very slightly(yet enough to mute them), as I pick the strings from my wrist, once I manage not to touch the thickest strings at all my wrist is just too far away from the bridge, however I don't have that problem while I do sweep picking. Is this acceptable or must I do something to correct it? I'm holding the pick with two of my fingers correctly, I pick from my wrist and cross strings with my forearm without anchoring, only thing I noticed is that the part of my palm below my thumb is really meaty and buff, might that be the cause?

Thank you very much and I apologize for posting quite often!

EDIT: Watched a few vids on picking technique as well.
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as long as your not getting any tension or unwanted string noise your good.
Appreciate your reply! Yeah, my alternate picking is as clean is it gets I'd say, without any noise or disruptions, just that I slightly brush a string or two that I'm not even playing at that moment.
It sounds like your hand is looking for an anchor and creating a bit of tension.

Ideally your hand floats a bit when you're alt picking, but at higher tempos your hand naturally wants to anchor in place, but the motion of alt picking prevents it from sitting in place. The result is inconsistent contact with the strings.

Work on two things:

1) Low-to-high tempo practice with alt picking - individual strings, pairs of strings, string skipping, scales/arps, whatever. Just start slow and identify the tempo where your hand starts moving around.

2) Right hand muting away from the bridge. This is actually really easy to incorporate into alt picking because it helps anchor your hand a bit while letting it move around freely. Letting the side of your hand and/or other fingers touch the strings in a very relaxed way mutes the open strings and helps keep your hand coordinated.
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