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This thread died when Clapton was called over rated. Ears. Get them.
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You are what they call a “rhythm guitarist”. While it's not as glamorous as playing lead you can still get laid. Especially if you can sing and play.

Beer is the solutions to the world's problems.

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Just for you

me playing some of the songs you like

Slash is a great player... you dont need to be a guitarist to understand his playing is great.

I actually love the song, but when somebody plays it and messes it up severely, is when it makes me mad. I actually LIKE Slash. I don't think he is bad, but I don't think he is the best, that was my point. His riffs/solos will always be some of the best, and I can't deny that.
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Technically Kurt Cobain was not all special, but he could write great songs. I think you'll find the song rape me is actually sarcastic and is against sexual abuse

Adam jones from tool is pretty damn good
Underrated : Frank Marino and/or George Lynch
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