So i'm trying to come up with a say, 1 or 2 hour long intensive practice schedule for my guitar playing (since i've been a bit lax lately, haven't improved nearly as much in the last year as I would've liked).

Problem is, every exercise I can find is the same old dull chromatic stuff which (even though is totally effective) just doesn't sound interesting enough for me to be bothered.

Does anyone happen to know any more interesting ways to practice things? (Literally everything, string skipping, alternate picking, sweeping, tapping etc). If not exercises, then riffs/licks that are effective would also help

Use songs you like to develop. It's the best way i know, cause i improve:

1. My ear (by learning the song by ear)
2. My technique (by learning new challenging material)
3. My style (by learning more stuff i like i develop my own style)
4. My repertoire (Having more stuff i can play by myself, or with other musicians i know)
5. My knowledge of composition (Song structures, theoretical ideas in a practical manner)

I really see no downside with learning from songs. I do use exercises that i make myself ONLY when there is a certain flaw in my technique i must adjust, then i make an exercise containing just that.
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