Here is my cover of the opening theme to Jason Becker's shred masterpiece "Perpetual Burn" for the Guitar World magazine contest. Hope you guys like it!

Jason Becker - Perpetual Burn Entry

Will glady C4C if asked for. PLEASE subscribe, rate and comment on the youtube video if you have the chance or enjoyed it! I'd really appreciate it

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Hey lad, cheers for your comment! Well, this is on a whole new level, I must admit, haha. Quite impressive, if I need to be honest, perfect tone and very clean playing. I was able to hear absolutely every note in your sweeps, props for that, I wish I was able to do that as well, haha. You have a great technique and I hope you will win this contest by the way, you deserve it! Gave you a like!
that was great dude! no screw ups or nothing musta took some amount of work to get this down so well. i gave ya the thumbs up great job
Great stuff! I wish I could play like that, still have time to practice - but I'm content with my basic indie playing at the moment. I have liked your video
Holy shit dude that was amazing! Your playing is perfect, there wasn't one mistake. I tried learning sweep arpeggios a while ago and they are hard as f@k. Super clean playing too man! I'd say you put a lot of practice and effort into that piece. Great job man! Keep it up!
Thanks for your comment on my video as well
Thanks for your crit.

When I clicked the link and noticed it had 'Jason Becker' in it... I shuddered. You nailed it. Very impressive! I can't imagine how much work you had to put into this, so kudo's to you!
I appreciate all the positive feedback guys! I'll let you know how things go, the judging for the contest starts on friday morning. If I do well I'll be sure to keep you guys posted on the outcome
Pretty clean dude, very hard to do with Jason's stuff.
I did notice a little flake in there but other then that it's perfect.
Kudos on the shirt too.

Good luck!
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Very impressive playing dude! very clean. In a personal opinion, the tone is a bit strange, maybe the pickups or the camera, but thats a detail. You did it very well! Good luck in the contest ^^
That was pretty crazy man, in a good way! Very solid playing, but the tone might be a tad too fuzzy for me. Nice sweeping skills! I think if you redid this with different tone it would perfect. Keep up the good work and good luck in the contest!
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