She took a long good look at me
and said “I understand you,
all the trouble in your eyes,
and why you sing such sad songs.

Your eyes they cry, even when you smile.
I dreamed of you last night.
You were wearing a sword
on a belt on your waist and
singing a song to the moon.
The moon shed a tear and the
world appeared on a plate
with dates and berries.”

And I don't know why
but she suddenly fell to pieces
and melted in my arms.
Her mouth was warm
her kisses were strong
and her soul was the flow of a river.

And we floated and drifted
and danced all night
and then we made love
under the starlight

And we floated and drifted
and danced all night
and in the morning
I walked to the train
in the calm morning light

But the words that she said
they were stuck in my head
try and try they would not escape me
The air was warm, the river was brown
and I walked in circles.
The traffic was loud and I dreamt of a town
somewhere in the Alps

And the words that she said
danced into my head
What an extraordinary person
A bit too cheesy for my taste, but I like it.

I like the fact that it's not short like a lot of stuff you see here,
I like the way some rhymes are placed - like at vv. 10-11.

How did you imagine the music to be like?

And do you plan on recording this anytime soon?
It'd be cool to hear it!
Name's Luca.

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