What do I need for a PA for band practice and shows? I need a mixer, power amp, speakers and monitors. Do I really need subs? Is there a way around it? I want to have the power to play bigger venues too. I apologize if this is the wrong place
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My band plays mainly smaller venues, and just about all of them have had their own PA systems and monitors. For practices I just run a cheap mic through an extra amp. Of course, if you have a bigger budget I'd imagine it wouldn't hurt to have a mic and a couple of speakers on hand. Also, I'm not sure if a larger venue might make you provide your own. One other thing I've discovered though - some venues will have PA's and mics but for whatever reason may not have mic stands on hand. So essentially, having your own stuff would be great if you have the budget for it, but venues may very well have their own system. If you're playing somewhere, you should check their website or call and ask what gear they provide.
Have a look at the PA thread in the stickies above. If you can't find what you want just ask.
Whether or not you need subs depends simply upon whether you will be running kick and bass through the PA. If you are, then yes, you'll want them. If not, then fine. Around here at least, you'll be hard-pushed to find a venue that's going to require you to mic a kit and run instruments through the PA that doesn't already have a house system.
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