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Hey so I play guitar in a 3 piece band that I'm not that into.
We play rock, in which Im really not a fan of. I'm more into Emo and Post-Harcore and really want to play in a band like that. I kinda saw what I was getting into but thought it would be cool because its different but now it's wearing on me.

So I wanted to post the single we just recorded here so I could get some brutally honest answers.

So please rip this song apart.

h ttps://
(couldn't post the link so just copy and paste with no space between the h and t)

Im going to post this in the Emo&Punk forum as well as the Modern Rock one to see the different responses.

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get a new singer and it would be rad. preferably a singer from the midwest that has a whiny voice and relationship problems.
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