So this is how it goes...

You have to learn the song in the post above. So, the person who posts below me has to learn the song is this post, and he/she also posts a song. Then the person after learns their song and posts a song... And so it continues. Really try and learn the song, as it will help get you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to new music to play along to. Please, try to keep the songs at a reasonable level so players of all levels can participate. Remember, if a song is too hard you are not learning. If a song is too easy you are not learning. It's the bit in the middle which will progress your playing the fastest.

So, to kick us off...

It's My Life - No Doubt.

Here's the tab:


I'll take that one on...

And Locked out of Heaven by Bruno Mars (some nice Octave work here, which sounds nice slapped)