You're a hard worker man, whenever I come on here I always know I'll find something new by you haha This one is good and I think the most noticeable improvement from the last vid I saw from you (a Rise Against cover I think?) :

-Your vocals are a lot more pitch accurate. Not falling out of key anymore and you seem more comfortable hitting high notes.
-The production is better this time around, though can still use improvements in tone, particularly the lead tone.
-Most ambitious guitar solo you've done so far.

Keep up the good work man!

C4C? - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1605908
Really nice singing on this.

Vocal sounds good as is but could have a little more low mids in the mix.

The strummed rhythm gtr sounds good. Kudos for getting a good recorded tone from the Ovation. The lead parts could be rhythmically tighter. Check the lead guitar for digital overs around 5:12.
So many shitty covers of this song out there... and this is NOT one of them.

Excellent work! I'd c4c, but hell im about outta stuff to share... think this is my last one and its an oldie. LOL

Wow dude, nice vocals. If I tried to sing that high my head would explode. Awesome job on the guitar too.
Your voice is great man! Well played. Hope you're a vocalist in a band, you bloody should.

I recommend you work on your recording/mixing though....the vocals are really quiet and the DI'd guitar sounds tinny and fake. Not a fan of the cheesy double-tracked vocals and reverb all over the place.

I'd like to hear a nice natural, raw arrangement from you - you can fingerpick the riff with a capo and it sounds really nice. Don't be afraid to strip the song right down and let your excellent vocals take centre stage.