Over the last couple of months I put together a decent bass rig because a big band around where I was needed a bassist and I figured it would help my guitar playing. Anyway, I'm big on using my nails in my right hand to play classical and fingerstyle arrangements and such and playing bass can ruin them. My nails have to be kept perfect to produce the best possible tone and so I came up with the idea of wearing gloves.
-I know some bass players wear gloves on their left hands or fingerless gloves altogether but I was wondering if there was anyone using a full glove on their plucking hand?
Depends on the glove, but there is no reason why it would not work. Dont know how it would affect tone or your ability to control the dynamics as well as your naked finger.

Personally i would use a pick, depending on the style of music you are playing.

I think if i saw a bass player with gloves on I would piss myself laughing. Unless it was really, really cold.
Check out scottdevine on youtube and his website. He has some sort of condition that requires him to use gloves sometimes when he play, i'm sure you can find more info there.
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Gloves are perfectly viable. Certain players use them to avoid killing strings too quickly because they perspire particularly acidic sweat. As to whether or not it will preserve your nails, that's another matter. I can't see it helping much personally.
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I'll be playing jazz, fusion, and blues so I'm not looking for the sharp attack that a pick would give me.
I looked up Scott Devine and read on his website for a bit this morning but found nothing on the type of glove he uses. I will check on YouTube once I get out of class.
I will head out to the mall once I'm done and try a cheap pair. I'm reading that silk lasts longer than cotton so I might order a pair of silk gloves.
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A nice tight leather driving glove would give you a lot of control and smooth out the bass sound. For a more rasping sound try using different objects, try using old sewing thimbles which can be quite secure. Coins have always been used as plectrums.
I am on here today desperate for help. I will make this long story short. Don't laugh at me. This is not funny! I am 48, and have played bass for almost 40 years. It's all I have left. I recently developed severe, painful, debilitating Psoriasis. It hurts to even have one drop of water hit my hands during an outbreak. Just when I finally got gig worthy equipment after heroin addiction and jail made my life savings disappear. I get this stuff. Meds help a little. I see specialists (plural intended). I might be able to play more than I can now if I can find gloves that I can wear and play at the same time. Last outbreak kept me from playing for 6 months. I sometimes play with one or two fingers each hand just because I miss playing. There is a guy on You tube who plays with gloves. He won't answer my question. The question is: what kind of gloves are those? I don't have money, but if I find the exact type I will find a way to get the gloves in an honest manner. PLEASE. I am not joking. One of my meds is 44 bucks a PILL. That's 1280 a month. I want to try the gloves!
Thank you very much! Bless you for taking me sriously, because it is. More good news: I got on Humira. That should help