Hi guys,

I have been fiddling with Amplitube 3 to get a Pink Floyd-ish tone. Now I usually use actual hardware, but wanted to try out Amplitube for a change. I hope you guys enjoy my video. Any tips on how to improve the tone would be great. MSG if you want the exact config.


daves solos seem easy but they just arent. all the little bends and blues licks here and there gotta be done with an overwhelming amount of precision, and messing up a little bit at any point can ruin the vibe big time. the guitar isnt crowded by the other instruments so it is easy to hear mistakes. but you did well man, i didnt expect the improv at the end but it was cool, over all you did really well on one of my fav solos. good job.
Thank you DiminishDarknut, you are really kind! Yeah, Daves solos are filled with intricate bends here and there...his compositions are simple yet beautiful and pleasing to the ear. I have seen many shredders mess this solo up, and thank you I am glad you enjoyed it
Hey thank you I made the tone using Amplitube 3. I will set up a YouTube demo very soon on how to create this tone, as some of my friends really appreciated it. I will post the link on this page whenever I get a chance
Thank you bud! Yo you are really talented, good job! Btw your start is just sick!
Thank you bud! Absolutely, this is not perfection by any means! "....This is just a tribute"- Jack Black Haha. But thank you for being kind enough to post your reply! God Bless