Piedmont Blues/Folk, high tempo

Oh I've gone to make my grave
Out in the woods, among the trees
I'll settle down among the anceint roots
And be buried beneath the leaves

Oh I'll lay down by the stream
And dream I'm out at sea
Floating fast along with the currents
That are overtaking me

I'll hear the earth's muscle
As the tremors shake below
Open wide, the ground divides
As the earth swallows me whole

Oh, but Mother Earth isn't done
She's got other plans for me
She returns my body to the earth
And spits out what she doesn't need

Oh then a dear young child
She will come upon my bones
She'll put them back together again
And watch that skeleton go
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I enjoy this much, could you critique mine? I posted mine last night but haven't got a reply and am anxious to hear something.