Here's something I've been sitting on for probably a few years. I want to go a bit metal with it, but still keep the jazzy-ness through out. As opposed to going the typical metal route of the nice pleasant intro then... "BRAWR, blast beats the rest of the song".

So yeah I could use some ideas on how to continue this thing. A little kickstarter if you will. Mainly what's got me stumped is how the last riff on there sounds too much like an ending.

Tell me what you think of the song so far anyways and I'll look at your stuff too.
I guess the best advice I can give is to listen to other artists that do that to some extent. The best example I can think of is Animals as Leaders but also Opeth and Cynic. Other artists that might be worth a look are Sithu Aye, Plini and The Mars Volta.

With regards to the actual music, I really liked it and I like the way it is progressing. I can imagine the lead guitar coming up to a solo section next. Nothing ultra-brootz but something jazzy, yet fairly high gain. Listen to Plini's Selinium Forest (4:25) or something by Sithu for an idea of what I mean.


Don't worry about C4C as I haven't posted anything recently.
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Alright, this is the kind of thing I hear coming next, the lead should probably be a bit jazzier but this is what i can do.
I don't feel like the lead in bar 47 fits too well either, it should be some other kind of arpeggio idea or just cut out. The rest of it I thought was pretty good though. I like the intro a lot, that first transition that hints at heavier things to come fit better than i expected it to.
Ah nice, right on guys. I'll have to remember Plini, digging that solo too.
I agree about bar 47, the sweep is kinda thrown in there lol. I think I can definitely do something with the part you added Grave. Gonna make it more funky rhythmicly and stuff and it should work quite well.