I just want to see how many people agree/disagree on this matter.
Ever since i first heard the song (i love the song) but the solo is very bland for me i wouldn´t place it in the first place of solos of all time. Not in my top 50 even. There are so many more expressive and meaninful solos ive heard that i just think the solo sucks.
Why is it #1? I cannot find an explanation.
Expressive????? I dont know how you dont feel something when listening to it.

Personally i dont think music has to be complex to be memorable. It only has to be as complex as is needed.
It's okay, but by no means "number 1". Who said it was?
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No. 1? I dunno... maybe 40 years ago or whenever people first started saying that I could see where they were coming from.

Bland? Not so sure about that. Especially in the context of the song it's amazing. One of the few solos that most people can sing acapella from memory.

I'd be interested to hear your list of 50 solos that you think are better.
Listen. I'm sorry.
That would be interesting. Stairway to heaven isn't as bland as some solos. so I disagree.
Of course it's bland. Led Zeppelin had said everything they were ever going to say by about halfway through their 3rd album. Their only real gem is Led Zeppelin 2 and even that is patchy. Led Zeppelin 3 is a marketing attempt at the then in vogue acoustic folk rock and Led Zeppelin 4 is a marketing attempt to secure American sales. It gets even funnier with Houses of the Holy. I think they were looking for a pop hit with Claptonesque reggae. Don't worry about Jimmy Page, he bought all the fast cars he ever needed on the back of thick hairy male teenagers with more money than sense.
I think it's a very fitting solo, especially the last phrase.
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I think it's a very fitting solo, especially the last phrase.

I agree. I think that it fits well with the rest of the song.

It's also interesting because I have always heard the it was one of Page's least favorite songs to play. I wonder if he thinks the solo is bland.
The solo has this consistency to the rest of the song, and the song in general is thought through. Elemntary simple but still a b1tch to play while sounding good.
it's evil as **** if you listen to it backwards
Listen. I'm sorry.