Hey bass forum, I'm looking for some new amplification.

I'm looking to upgrade from my current amp (a Laney RB2 combo) to something louder with better tone. I currently play in a rock n' roll band that gigs about twice a week on average. We play a lot of Who, Stones and Chili Peppers. I'm looking for something that'll primarily give me a wide variety of tone. I play a Fender Jazz Geddy Lee sig.

I also need to point out that as far as cabs and heads go, I'm a complete novice. I know really very little about ohms and such and, being not very bright, haven't managed to glean much from a Google search.

I have a budget of about £400, £500 at the very most. It's also worth mentioning that I live in a fairly remote part of the north of Scotland, so used gear would be quite difficult to come by.

Thanks in advance.
If your not sure about ohms and that stuff, a solid combo would be the easiest option. Ashdown, GK and ampeg are popular choices, Ashdowns are pretty widely available and have a good rep and pretty versatile.
I forgot to mention Orange and Peavey, just see what you can get hold of and try a few out.
Don't buy without trying out at least the model you want to buy. Stuff can be very good but if it doesn't have the sound you want then you'll never be happy with it. For example I just sold my Ashdown MAG600 which was my starter amp. Nothing wrong with it and they are great at customer service but I just couldn't get the sound I wanted. Replaced it with a Hartke 3500 and love it, same basses and same speakers, different sound. Hartke is another brand worth looking at.

Don't be afraid of matching speakers and amps, its very simple and most amps and cabs will work together. Speakers generally come in 8 and 4ohms. Amps will drive either quite happily and give a little more power into 4ohms. If you go for 8ohms then you can add a second 8ohm cab for a bit more volume later. In this case 2x 8ohms makes 4ohms.

With power just make sure that the speakers can handle the Watts that the amp produces. You can use a 500W speaker with a 100W amp but not the other way round.

It's worth your while thinking about ease and convenience too. There's nothing wrong with using a combo and it is nice to have one box and nothing to connect up. Do you want light weight? A lot of bass players are going that way though you would have to go used at your budget. On the other hand there is a lot of good heavyweight used gear for very little money. you'll pick up a great sounding but big and heavy Peavey 1x15 for under £100 and a 4x10 for not much more. Don't rule out used, the carriage is extra but you'll save that and more if you are on the mainland. Just make sure you listen to one before you buy.
I'm going to go ahead and guess that if you own a Geddy Lee signature bass, and you're playing stuff like the Who and RHCP, you want a sound with some top end clarity as well as low end weight to it, in which case Ashdown wouldn't be the best route.

Check out the Genz Benz contour 210:


Genz Benz make some fairly uncoloured gear: that is to say, you get out what you put in. Coupled with a decent EQ section you'll have a lot of tones available to you. You'll also have £100 left on your budget which you could spend on a pre-amp pedal of some variety if you wanted extra tonal variation (a Sansamp would help with those gainy valve amp sounds John Entwistle has).
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Thanks guys, appreciate the advice. Phil, thanks for the ohms explanation, makes a lot more sense now. Unfortunately, I don't really have all that many opportunities to try stuff out; my local music shop is very poorly stocked as far as bass gear goes and the nearest one after that is quite a distance away. I might try and make a trip over there though and see if there's anything I can try out. I'm not all that fussed about lightweight gear, it would be nice but I don't feel it's worth spending more money than I need to for. I would be quite happy with used stuff, though I would have to go quite far afield to try any out.

Zipho, that's pretty accurate, yeah. That Genz Benz looks good, I'll definitely consider it, especially if I can find one to try out. Thanks for the Sansamp recommendation too, I'll see if I get get my hands on one of them as well.

Thanks again guys.
I don't know how many other bass players there are in your area but there must be a few, most of us are just pleased to meet someone else we can talk to about tone and would be only too happy to let someone try out our rig or at least show it off. Might be time to go and listen to a few local bands.

The classifieds in Basschat are worth a look http://basschat.co.uk/forum/20-amps-and-cabs-for-sale/
Ok, I don't know of anyone playing locally as venues are few and far between around here but I'll keep my eyes peeled! I'll definitely keep an eye on basschat as well, there look to be some pretty good deals on there. Thanks!