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This is my bands third original song and we've been working on it for around 2ish months now. We're actually all quite proud of this so I hope you like it too!

Anyways it's called You Said No and here is the link:You Said No

Also if you like our songs you can find us on Facebook at:
Ditchin Quincy

Thanks for any critique you guys have!
All the best,
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Cheers for the crit man, the band is just a band at uni i record, and yes they are UK based.
Writing as I listen, like the songs introduction, unusual way to start a song but they can draw the listener in. Like how the guitars work with the bass and drums. Vocals and lyrics definitely suit the song. The tones are awesome, match the mood of the song. Only thing i'll say is the kick could be a lil louder and at the end, if everything went heavy distorted and the drums a bit crazier the ending would be bitchin'!
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thanks for the crit man, awesome rock song, the bass guitar and drums work together really well, the vocals are really cool when they come in, the drums are a bit low at places but I really enjoyed it great job
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Thanks for the comments. We were trying to come up with a new intro for the song but we weren't having any luck so we decided to leave it as it is. It's actually grown on us though

Thanks for the criticism though. Appreciate it!
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Love the bass in the beginning. Build up is great. The main guitar melody is real catchy and works great with the bass and drums. I dig it dude.
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I liked this song and the two others on your soundcloud I liked even more. Not that you shouldn't still use it but the main riff sounds similar to cant stop by the chilli peppers.
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It's just awesome, I don't think any more comments is needed. But maybe you'll want to hear more I immediately got a Pink Floyd vibe in the first 20-30 seconds. Love how the guitar sounds a little sloppy - I am sure that it's a wanted effect (instead of a lack of skills) and works very well in the context of the song. My only critique will be that you need more reverb on the vocals. Don't think you need lead guitar - there are too many songs that start nice butz then too "technical" and polished guitar kicks in and destroys all the feel (like Pink Floyd's Mudmen) During the intro I was fearing that it will be the same here, luckily it's not So keep up the good work!

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Nice intro, vocals sound well mixed and recorded.
Guitarist sounds very skillful and trained I'd love to have heard more lead work.
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It might be nicer to have a little outro solo instead of repeating the same vocals over and over for a minute+. Reverb on the voice is good compared to what you hear on most other folks on this site. Sounds like a song that would be on the radio...most of the music here is not good for radio/too unpolished. I'm sure you could make it all sound better with the money.
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I love the singers voice! It sounds soulful. The dynamics in this song really adds to his vocal melody so great job! It's not always easy to get the drummer to play easy when it fits how did you do it? The mixing sounds good but I would like to have a more upfront mix as it sounds like it's too deep into the mix. The break where the guitar does a picking part sounds really professional! It builds up great to the ending

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