Hi everyone, so i've come into a little bit of cash and i was looking to get my second bass after playing for approx. 3/4 years. Basically, i already own an Epiphone Thunderbird and i was looking for a 5 string to expand my collection, could anyone recommend a 5 string bass within the $500-$800 range.

P.S. I would like to learn how to slap and pop, so a bass good for learning that would be much appreciated.
yamaha rbx 375 ( a bit below your price, but i love it. so there :p
ibanez SR
i'm sure there are a bunch of fenders you could get in that price bracket.
also scour ebay/craigslist. you can get some absolutely brilliant stuff on there
Thanks man, i'll definatly check it out. Admittedly i was drooling over some 5 sting Steinbergers, but i'd read that they weren't very good for learning to slap due to the... unconventional body shape. Thoughts?
i've not played a steinberger so i can't comment on that! i will say IMO get the basics of slapping down on a 4 string, then transfer it onto the 5er when you get one.
that will then give you a small idea of the type of feel you want when eventually choosing.

also, try as many basses as you can. every type of bass has its own characteristics which you may love - or hate. an example i use alot is ibanez basses. there are people who swear by the thinner necks and will play nothing else, while there are others - me included - who cannot stand the necks. string spacing, neck profile, location of pickups, weight, number of frets etc etc, find what you like and go from there!
Yeah i can understand your approach there, very logical. I've attempted to get some basic lessons to slap on my Thunderbird, but the location of the pickups and their proximity to the strings make it a very difficult and painful endeavour
might be worth trying to slap further towards the neck. makes it sound better too IMO
You should try spector They have some cheap, but good sounding 5-string models.
Ibanez Sr505 is a great choice. Extremely versatile and super sexy. I can get almost any tone I want out of it, it can growl but also have a mellow sound. 3 band EQ and active pickups can't hurt either.
I picked up a used Carvin LB75 recently for well under your budget.
These will vary a bit, however. They're available with a LOT of options, so you'll see them with and without active preamps and with a number of *different* active setups as well as several passive choices. Lots of other options as well, including a number of different woods, etc.

Mine's fairly simple and very standard with an ebony fretboard and MOP block inlays and standard body/neck woods. These are neck-through full-scale guitars and generally great players from the factory.