Sorry I could't think of a good title for this one. But anyway, are there guitarists that you like that when you listen to them play, it sparks some sort of feeling in you? When I listen to Dimebag Darrell play, specifically on songs like Floods and Cowboys From Hell, it gives me the biggest grin of all time. I turn it up and just smile. Listening to him makes me happy/proud to play guitar. What are your thoughts?
The solo for Siberian Khatru on Yessongs (live album 1973), to me, is the most emotionally intense guitar solo ever. I recommend anyone listen to this. Also, in general the recordings on that live album are much better than the studio ones.
Listen. I'm sorry.
John Frusciante. both his solo stuff, and the RHCPs albums have solos which put a smile on my face or can make me fell quite sad.
Early Stevie Ray Vaughan always does it for me: his playing could be so assaulting, and really make you think about the music on a bigger level than metaphors or technicality, but just raw emotion.
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Roddy Bottum

Ah man, there's just no way I can look cool when I tell everyone my favourite guitarists second name is Bottum... Godamnit...

Also Jonny Greenwood is amazing, each note is worth a thousand words. But again seriously lacking cool-ness or edgyness there.
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No joke. Andy Mckee. I recommend the songs Drifting, Rylynn, and Gates of Ghomeria. He has a unique style. And is one of the worlds best guitarist. By the way, he doesnt use a pick. Hahaha.Youll see what I mean by that. I listen to his music whenever Im really calm and mellow.
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Carlos Santana,
Steve Vai especially the solos when he played with Whitesnake,
Andy Timmons guitar playing gives me goosebumps sometimes,
Greg Howe...