Hey guys,
I'm looking to replace the bridge pickup in my 2005 Les Paul standard. I'm looking for something a bit more open that the stock burstbucker (not sure which number) that's in it now, but something that also be punchy and retain clarity. I have Fralin pickups in my strat, so I've been looking at some Fralin humbuckers, as well as his Twangmaster & P-92s, but I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions, possibly a vintage voiced paf.
From personal experience: Dimarzio paf 36th, or dimarzio air classic (I'm a bit biased towards dimarzio, don't take my word).

PAF 36 is a little bit hotter but still vintage, a little more "mushy" than a burstbucker.

Haven't spent enough time with the air classic to make an accurate comparison to anything else.
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