okay so my question is on whether or not i should use this type of wood for the top wood of the guitar im building.I dont know what type of wood it is or if its even a good idea to use it.. all i know is that its a big left over piece of wood for kitchen tops from when my mom was remodeling the kitchen and she changed the kitchen top, she was gonna throw it away because it was big left over so she let me have it and i really like how it looks and want to put it as my top wood on the guitar im building because the wood already came in a really cool trippy design thats already painted so i dont need to buy paint if i use is as my top wood for the guitar... and by trippy i do mean trippy.. if you saw it while on lsd you'd tripballs the way its painted makes it look like if some of the spots are popping out at you and if some of the spots are farther away which makes it looks like its a never ending portal that you can can fall into... if you look down at it it feels like your going to fall in i took some pictures but you cant really tell because the pictures make the paint look dull and flat and also put my ibanez rg on top of it to show how big it really is
but in person it literally looks like its popping out at you, like you can physically reach out and grab the shapes and like if you can put your hand through it cause theres spots that look like they're super far away which make it look like it never ends and you can just go right through it.. it also has this tranperant glossy thing over the paint that makes it look like the spots/shapes are physically there but covered by glass when its really just painted on... i think the only way to explain would be if you have a flamed maple guitar and look at it closely and it looks like the stripes/waves are physically there and inside the guitar... thats what the wood looks like but not only does it look like its physically there but also looks like its 3D and like its super deep like 8 miles deep which makes it feel like you can go inside it oh and btw i'm not stoned right now i'm being serious
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