I'm going to be teaching my co-worker how to play guitar, but I'm self taught and I have no idea where to start teaching her.

I was thinking starting with very basics like names of the parts of the guitar, String names, how to read tab and chord charts, and possibly a few very basic starting chords(3 string Am, Dm, D, Em etc).

Another problem is that I don't know any songs that will use these chords and I don't want to just teach the chords themselves without any context.

Anyone have any advice or know where I can get some material to print out to teach her from and give to her to look over in between the lessons?
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Ok, I'm going to say this but please keep in mind that it's out of concern for all those involved and it comes from experience:

Do not teach unless you already know where to begin.

In order to teach you should be in a state that some people call "reflective competence", it's sometimes used as a fifth stage in the four stages of competence. Basically it's the idea that you know where you are in the process of learning and can communicate the process to others. I'm generally of the opinion that unless you've reached this stage mentally, no matter your physical ability, you shouldn't be teaching.
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“A man who mistakes secrets for knowledge is like a man who, seeking light, hugs a candle so closely that he smothers it and burns his hand.”

Quote by Zaphod_Beeblebr

Do not teach unless you already know where to begin.

As a teacher, I agree 100%. Plus, no offense, you are self taught. I thought I was doing good self teaching myself. Then my fiance bought me some lessons for Christmas, and I realized I had almost wasted the entire time. In 6 months I am light years ahead of where I was. I still suck, but I don't completely suck now.

The is a proverb that goes something like this "He has himself for a teacher, has a fool for a teacher."

I'm not saying all teachers are good. My first guitar teacher I realize now, was the biggest reason as to why I put down the guitar a year after I bought it. He could have had one of the legends for a student, and they would have went no where with him.
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