Hellow fellows, this is a rap about Metroid I am working on to send to ocremix.org

Any criticism is welcome, but the constructive one is more welcome

Press the power button, coming right up from the bottom
Sammy Aran's the name and Metroid's the game
You had a hard long day,
finally now you may
Turn on the NES and then

This is the origin where it all comes from
don't care if you got the real one or downloaded the rom
Anyway in any case I bet you will like this,
both the song, the game, together it's a bliss
will drag you to the abyss, to the old tourian
to defeat Mother Brain and shit I mean,
that's a hell of an adventure,
but will you venture?
Ow hell yess man!
That's the spirit, enter!

Let's enter into my ride
now returning to zebes
where we defeated Ridley and Kraid,
to defeat them another time
this is Super Metroid,
you dig this man, don't lie

"The last metroid is in captivity.
The galaxy is at peace"

Man, where am I?
This place's ****in' dire
and to catch up with the atmosphere
we got the Chozo Choir

-So let's go to the left
-Yo man there's nobody there
-So let's go to the right man
-Shit monsters, lava, water and then
we're in green brinstar, and then we're in norfair,
we're in red brinstar, we'd better be prepared
to face the big boss, the one that everyone fear
so how 'bout left? - clear
'bout right? - all clear

Let's go to tourian again, crossing a wrecked ship
defeating white ghosts, coverns, sbugs and the phantoon,
to get to her, we crossed a huge ****in' stom
and her "this isn't even my final form"
ten seconds and it transforms
it's gonna kick my ass but what?
Who's there?
Is that you, baby?
NO! Stay right there!
Hey, stop it you, have I been clear?


M.B.'s dead, the munchkin Metroid is dead,
but I will avenge you, this is not the end!

Hey, you hear that?
A distress signal from who knows where
It would be cool to have a look there
Now I'm on a space pirates frigate
Should I stay here or should I cross the gate?

I should have not crossed the gate…

Tallon IV, this is where I crash landed
The GF'll be mad, the space ship was rented
But let's have a look here
Left, right, up, down, behind me, still clear
There's nothing that I can hear
I just see rocks - tier upon tier
I'd stop for a bottle of beer
But I don't want this to disappear,
I wanna be a sightseer of this planet
go 'round and shear stuff like a musketeer

But I'm serious, I didn't buy this game just to hang around my ship
I mean, I'm not a sheep, I am fearless
This place is so misterious but I wanna do business
I'm talkin' about points of interest
Like down deep to the womb, oh my,
What the **** did fly in front of my eye?
Is that Metroid Prime or I'm high?
Name's Luca.

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I think it has a lot of potential. Record yourself rapping it so we can give you better critiques.