Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you talented lot can help me out.

I've been trying to learn a 'shred' version of Mozart's Turkish March for quite a while now on and off, it's at 126bpm and there's some long 16th note alternate picking passages I'm having difficulty with. After slowing the bpm way down and back up again multiple times, analysing technique at lower speeds, 1234 exercises and so on I still can't get the top speed played cleanly and reliably. I've read a lot of articles and lessons on this site on the topic but just a little stuck really.

Should I be working on my upstroke on its own? Noticed today it's a fair bit slower (about 80 bpm) than my downstroke.

Thanks in advance, sorry if the answer is elsewhere but just a link would be fantastic. Thanks very much, Josh.
Make sure you are using the smallest movements possible and playing with as little tension as possible. Other than that, just keep doing what you're doing.

Another good idea would be to take a break from it for a while and come back after you have learned some other things.
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slow the part down to a point where you can play it comfortably, then SLOWLY work your way up.
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slow the part down to a point where you can play it comfortably, then SLOWLY work your way up.

Even play it for one minute very slow, the. Up it 1-2 bpm and go until you cant, then back up to no mistakes and practice there for the day
Frankly if you've read most of the good stuff on this site there really isn't anything much we can do without seeing what you're doing so we can tell you exactly what you're doing wrong.
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Thanks everyone, I'll keep on with what you've suggested and post a video next time if I'm still having trouble.