Yes I know but I wanted to cover only the lead part... maybe in the future I'll record also the second harmony and mix them!
Yes in the recording Syn plays the dual, both harmonies, but for Lead part I mean what Syn plays in live ( 'cause he is the lead guitarist)
Quote by ThoriumEx
Nice cover, but no feel at all =\

Hahahahahaha! I'm gonna remake this one!
BTW Check out my Seize the day solo cover and hear that! ( I assure you that I'm not a robot at all when I play... If I had made ​​the video you would definitely agreed with me )
The backing track on the new version is not tuned all the way down to half step, it's somewhere between half-step and standard, but more towards standard so it sounds like your guitar is out of tune. Putting that aside, I liked your tone, and what you played was pretty clean, however you started to stray from the original solo towards the end. Overall it was good