Okay September is coming up and I'll be moving into an apartment so I'm looking to mix things up a bit with my home set up.

I currently use a UX1 & PodFarm into Reaper to make my home recordings.

Podfarm is meh at best but whatever, it does the trick for now. But what are my alternatives for digital recording? I've checked the stickies but they are unclear on this particular topic.

Obviously I'd mic my tube amps if I could but I'm willing to sacrifice tone for convenience. Without it sounding like PodFarm...

What are my options when it comes to what I'm looking for? And what I'm looking for is something to simply plug my guitar into and plug into my computer and run it straight into Reaper.

The Line 6 HD series and the other PODs keep popping up but that's all I'm finding. What is the absolute end-game best thing I can get for a couple hundred bucks?

Cheers and thanks for bearing with me.
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top end is axe-fx II, but that's around 2 grand http://www.fractalaudio.com/p-axe-fx-ii-preamp-fx-processor.php

looking at a couple of hundred you'd want to go the eleven-rack http://www.avid.com/US/products/eleven-rack_2

if youre serious about it though, consider that eventually you'd want to upgrade to the axe-fx II so it might make sense to not even purchase the eleven-rack in the interim and to jsut go straight for it
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... you don't need axefx or anything like that.

Check out the AmpSims sticky and look at the free amp sims. They're a little tricker to work than podfarm, but the results are so much better. Youtube is full of tutorials on how to use them.
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^^ +1

Also you need something totally unrelated to gear.

That's Vision!

lol srry.

What I mean is you need to know what sound you want, then have info on what parameters change what in the sound, then asses whether the plug in can get there or not.

What don't you like now about the tone?

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Not to mention the top end is actually a Kemper Profiling amp, makes an AxeFX look like a toy.

But what you're after are some good amp sims and impulses. LePou does some awesome free ones. Then you need an impulse loader (LePou LeCab does this) and some impulse responses (I recommend the 'Sperimental Pack, or the Catharsis impulses).